December 10, 2007

One big long Oy....Updated

I'm beginning to worry that the light at the end of the tunnel may be "over at the Frankenstein place." Either that or it's been temporarily shut off due to budgetary concerns.

Bucka is still in the ICU. We were told Saturday they had a transfer order for him. His BP dropped & they kept him. He was supposed to get out yesterday, but they didn't have any of the monitoring beds he has to be in open. He was supposed to move today, but he's still there. Maybe tomorrow...maybe not. We're developing the attitude of "we'll believe it when it happens."

#1 Son was laying in the pew at church yesterday. He said he was just tired. During children's church he started crying because his stomach hurt, so I packed everyone up and came home. By late afternoon his temp was 100.3. By 1:30 this morning, it was 103.1. Now it's hovering between 103.8 & 101.3. I took him to the NP and she confirmed my suspicions. It's his throat. I kept asking if his throat hurt & he'd say no, it was his belly. This morning I said, "Show me where your belly hurts," and he pointed to his throat.

NP prescribed Omnicef & said to keep up the Motrin & Zyrtec. We came home & gave him the antibiotic. He vomited it up an hour later. I dosed him again after giving him a Tigan suppository for nausea & it came straight back up. He's now in bed with a FeverAll acetaminophen suppository. I'm hoping for the best...and hoping he can keep down the Omnicef tonight at bed time. The NP said he probably got most of the dose before he vomited the first time.

First snotty noses & pink eye. Then open heart surgery. Now suppositories, strep throat, and vomiting. I'm not sure I can take much more.

I was really hoping to decorate the tree tonight...guess that's on hold yet again.

I need some tiny wine & a nap.

#1 Son woke up from his nap about 7 o'clock last night. I gave him the second suppository for nausea, waited about 30 minutes, gave him the antibiotic, 20 more minutes then Motrin and sent him to bed. He kept it all down & his fever dropped. This morning he's had both medicines sans the suppository (thank goodness, although I have to say he cooperated with it very well) & is snacking on a glazed donut. We may have passed the worst of it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sitting in bed being disabled from a migraine and when I read this my heart breaks for you. I send you hugs and many many prayers. PS thank you for the picture I can't believe how much Itsy Bitsy has grown.