December 9, 2007


When I was pregnant with BabyGirl, Daddy called me and said, "Your mom & I went to the mall this weekend & found the coolest place. You can build your own teddy bear! When you come down next month, we'll go and build one for the baby." I went down to visit the beginning of April before BabyGirl was born in June & he took Princess & me to Build-A-Bear Workshop. I thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Since then, he's built a bear for each of his grandkids. BabyGirl's was the only one built before the baby was born. I think it's a really fun tradition.

Yesterday during Bucka's nap time, Princess, Bubba, HT, Daddy, Bitsy, and I headed to the mall to build a bear for the newest member of our family.

In the picture, left to right, are the bears. The black bear is BabyGirl's bear 'Ivory' (only my dad would name a black bear Ivory). Next to her is #1 Son's bear 'Huckleberry,' named by QM and me. We were building him when we looked at each other and said, "I'll be your huckleberry." B.B.'s is the orange bear. His name is 'B.B. Squeaks.' When B.B. was little Uncle Gick called him B.B. because he was breech (Butt Backwards) and I called him Squeaks because that's what he did...all night long every night! So yesterday when it came time to name Bitsy's bear, Pa was looking through the list of names when I said, "We should name her 'Bitsy.'" Pa thought that was appropriate, so 'Bitsy' she is. H.T. has a biker bear named 'Spike' complete with a Harley shirt & boots.

Of course this has prompted BabyGirl to inform me that she didn't get to make her own bear. I told her if she likes she can save up her Christmas money this year (which I usually squirrel away into her savings) and we can make a trip to Build-A-Bear...which means the boys will probably have to save their Christmas money as well.


Kork said...

what a fun thing to have started!

Grammy and Poppa still send handmade quilts for each baby...but how long can a teenager carry around a Pooh Bear quilt??? :)

We'll have to plant some seeds that this is a fun thing to do...hmmmmmm...

conleyclan said...

that is a cool tradition, my grandmother was a seamstress back in her day and she made all the kids personalized hooded towels when they were born and then did another one every year for their birthdays and stuff, they are really neat cause the kids know which towels are theirs. my daughter was the last great grandchild and right after she was born she was able to make her first 2, the one for being born and her 1st christmas, then she got past being able to make them, i always have thought it was cool that she was able to do it through the last child and then had to stop.