December 10, 2007

Total lack of Imagination

That's what's wrong with me. Just ask my children. Today B.B. asked if I wanted to play house with him. I had just collapsed on the couch & wasn't up to playing, so I politely declined. Then he said, "It's OK, Mommy. You tan be da mommy in dis game. Baby Bitsy tan be da baby Bitsy in dis game. Daddy tan be da daddy in dis game. #1 Son tan be da #1 Son in dis game. I tan be da B.B. in dis game. Dis house tan be our house in dis game. Dis chair tan be our chair in dis game." Now that's a game I can play.

As I was pouring her bath tonight, I called BabyGirl into the bathroom. She skipped in and said, "Yes, Mom?" in an oddly falsetto voice. Then whispered, "We're playing house. Pretend you're the mom and I'm your daughter and B.B. is your son. Only my name is 'Christina' in this game and your name is 'Ellie' except we call you 'Mom.' B.B., what do you want your name to be? You can be 'Bobby'. But it's just for pretend, Mom."


Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Make sure you play the version where it's the mom's job to hold down the couch and watch her best friend Oprah on the tv.
I just remembered playing "slave" when I was little. I'd do whatever my mom told me, because I was her slave. My mom must have loved that game! I tell ya, they should not have let me watch ROOTS at such a young age!

FarmWife said...

Hahaha!! I'll have to teach my kids that game! On rare occasions they play servant to the queen & I get to be Queen...but it usually only lasts about 8 minutes.

Anonymous said...

My father's mother taught me a game when I was very little. I think I was smaller than Baby Girl. We (Greenmarine and I) would sneek in and make mom and father's bed and mom would come out and ask who did it We said it was fairies. Or we'd surprise mom with some small gift or do some house work and when she'd ask about it It was always the fairies that did it. It was fun and warmed my heart that I thought I fooled mom.