December 26, 2007

How the FarmWife survived Christmas

In all, Christmas was pretty low-key around here. We celebrated on Christmas Eve because Husband has to be back to work today. We figure better the kids enjoy their gifts for two days while their dad was home.

#1 Son & B.B. were up first (as usual) & were shocked to find, "Presents!! Dadddy, look, there's presents under our tree! Real live presents! Are they ours? Can we open them? Well, when will Mommy & BabyGirl get up? Can we open them then? Presents!" I think they had to wait about an hour, poor guys, because Bitsy has given up sleep for Christmas & I couldn't function yet.

BabyGirl & #1 Son passed out their gifts first (I'll have to collect them all & post pictures later). Husband got a new tape measure that says World's Greatest Dad (I think), and a #1 Grandpa tool set (from #1 Son). I got a new ink pen that says MOM in big gold letters & a decorative hanging pillow, "That has lots of words on it, but I don't remember what they say." At least that's what BabyGirl told her Grammy. It says, "Mom is another word for Love." She got each of the boys an ink pen with rubbery google eyes & spikes. #1 Son gave her a rhinestone crown necklace & B.B. a framed picture of SpongeBob's face.

Then I gave them all tub toys from Bitsy. They were thrilled & kept thanking her & hugging her & telling her they were just what they wanted. Bitsy was intrigued by all the sudden attention. Then she spent most of the morning trying to eat wrapping paper & chew on everyone else's gifts. She did love her Church Baby I made her. She seemed surprised to see Charlotte again (she kept trying to take the doll away from me while I was making it & whenever I showed it to anyone).

We gave the kids each a movie (How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Jim Carrey version, High School Musical, A Bugs Life, Baby Einstein signs, and Doctor Doolittle from MIL), a book, a game (or puzzles in B.B.'s case), and a toy (the boys being six shooters complete with holsters & belts) along with stocking stuffers. They were thrilled with everything.

We've spent the past two days eating Monkey Bread, watching movies (including all the Jason Bourne movies QM got for Christmas), playing Cooties and Chutes & Ladders, arguing, fighting, being shot with the six shooters, begging for candy canes, putting on candy flavored lip balm from MIL, finding places to put all the new goodies, putting together puzzles, & eating Peach pie, left over turkey dinner, & our own weights in Chex Mix.

Inkling called yesterday with a boisterous "Christmas Gift!" But I had already emailed one to her earlier that morning. Cheating? Possibly, but she left it on my answering machine a few years back. Nettie (a good friend from High School) called & finally Bubba came by to visit. Hopefully Princess, Axl, & HT will be here today & QM & Daddy should be by tomorrow. So the holidays will not pass without contact with family.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & have more time than we will to spend with you loved ones!

Oh, and before I forget, Happy half birthday to my Bitsy Bee. I can't belive six months has passed already. She's crawling, laughing, playing, and a joy to have around...even at 4 in the morning. I love you, Sweet Girl.


Nan said...

It is surprising how much they grow and change in six short months (or six long months if you're the mom getting up during the night with the kids).

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. Kids put the magic in it, don't they!

a wandering heart said...

sounds like a wonderful time! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good time. Like what you've done with the new layout/blog.

Kork said...

Loving the makeover!

I'm SO glad that you had a good time with the munchkins for Christmas, and will keep praying that your winter will be good!

conleyclan said...

your christmas sounds great!!! elisha got up at 3:30am and thought it was time to open presents, i'm thinking of getting him a clock for an after christmas gift!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Mmmmm, sounds like a wonderful holiday. Does it get any better than watching kids enjoy the day . . . and watching Jason Bourne?