January 2, 2007

The New and Improved Farm Wife

I have done it...after much thought and much internal debate, I have changed my title. If you'll notice, I've left the original in the description. I'd like to thank you all for your input and support in this discussion. It's nice to know that no one thinks I'm a hooker or a writer of Internet literary porn. I decided that if it was possible that I was giving the wrong idea at all, and I could change that, I would. If it makes Husband more comfortable with my blogging (which he can be wary of to begin with), and make him feel safer about it, I'm OK with it. There's also a small matter of submission (not that he's been demanding at all, but I have a MAJOR problem with it...that's for another post all together). Although if you think along the lines of Memoirs of a Geisha, this title may be more risque than the old one!

I went to the doctor today. At 14 weeks pregnant I have finally hit the 100 pound mark. Again, if you know me in real life, you may also know that I've only hit 100 pounds in a non-pregnant state once in my life (and that was when I was living with Busha and Bucka and she was cooking for me every day...I ate 4 full meals a day then). I hit 100 at 12 weeks when I was expecting B.B. so I'm not far off. I think I weighed less going into this pregnancy then I did the last.

Mama & Daddy headed home today. Last night #1 Son got very upset because his Grammy was leaving. He's been planing on marrying her when he grows up for the past year or so. This has been the cause behind many wrestling matches between him and his Pa who says he won't give her up. Last night #1 Son must've decided he'd waited long enough because he announced he was marrying Grammy as soon as he was done with his bath. She went into the bathroom to supervise bath time. I came in in the middle of a conversation in which #1 Son was trying to convince her that once they were married she had to live here with us. She told him she had to go home to take care of Pa and Uncle Bubba. This news was not taken well. #1 Son began to cry, "But if I go with you, I'll miss my mommy!" That's when they decided they could get married, but each live in their old houses.

We thought this had solved the problem...but no. While dressing for bed #1 Son began crying because he would miss Grammy if she left and she had to stay here. We brought up Pa and Uncle Bubba again and he said, "They can all come live here." "But where will they sleep?" "Right here in the living room floor." Pa said it was too far for him to drive to work from our house. "It's OK, I can make you a map, Pa." Then we took the conversation into the kitchen to continue. Mama and I sat down with him and we tried to explain that they couldn't live here because Grammy has to baby sit H.T. when Aunt Princess is at work sometimes. "She can bring baby H.T. here to baby sit." "But that's very far away and Aunt Princess and Uncle Axl would miss H.T. a lot. Besides, where would we put all of Grammy and Pa's stuff?" "They can just bring some clothes and their pillows." "But Grammy will want her sewing machine and all her craft stuff, her books and movies. Pa will want all his books and movies and his computer and all his stuff. There isn't room in our house for all their stuff." "They can put it in the closet, Mom!"
Eventually he decided we could just go visit them in April and they would come see us sometime before then. He was still sad after they left last night, but he did OK when they headed South today...of course this was after Pa shared his bacon with him. You can't be upset after eating 4 slices of bacon, can you?

The rooster at the top is King George the Mad...he likes to attack B.B. when we're playing in the yard. The ducks are Ricky and Lucy...we're going to order more just like them this spring.


Inkling said...

Good choice on the name. Very nice. I can still feel connected, so long as you keep that part of you that likes "I'm not really a waitress" OPI polish and visiting antique/junk stores and the very rare trip to a coffee shop or boutique. After all, Farmwives are still girls.

As for #1 Son, if he married Grammy, would I still be counted among his girlfriends? Just wondering....and worrying. I'd hate to lose such important status. =)

On another note....thanks for the prayers. We're doing okay here, and God gave me the words I needed already. Henry David's boss called off work this morning (after he'd already driven an hour!) since the rain was pouring and the transformer at the site was blown by the storm. So we're cozy here at home, just enjoying this extra time and trying to get work done.

lots of love and hugs to you.....

Brando said...

Great now Rudy is going to think he is sooo smart with his stylish name and all. I love Rudy, but he is NOT styling.

Glad to hear that #4 is doing well.

Isn't the weather GREAT today.

Grace said...

When we lived far from grandparents, it was always hard when we left or they left. Tears were always there ready to erupt. I think it's hardest on the kids being so far away!!