January 5, 2006

Here Goes Nothing

Well, I guess it's begun. My obsession with the internet is complete. It didn't take long. A little over a month, 3 blogs recommended, and you've reeled me in. But then I always was an easy mark. That's what happens when you're isolated from the world at large.
I guess I should tell a little about my self. I'm a transplant. Mid-West to Mid-South back to Mid-West. I've lived in decent sized towns most of my life (Pop. 35,000 or so) and then along came the love of my life: a farm boy from the middle of nowhere. So here I am. A Farm Wife complete with a husband, 3 kids, chickens, goats, cows, ducks, pigs, a horse, and too many dogs.
I really enjoy my life, but it is taking some getting used to. My husband has finally stopped laughing when I ask things like, "What's the difference between a grain bin and a silo?" Now he pops his head in the house to ask if I'd like to watch the vet artificially inseminate the cow (Can I just say I'm glad I'm not a vet... Or a cow for that matter!).
I spend my time chasing 3 small children around the house when it's cold/raining and around our little spread when it's nice outside. They keep me hopping and make me forget why I liked watching entire movies in 1 setting. What exactly is "me time?"
It's interesting the things you learn about yourself when you live in the country. I'll never admit it out loud, but our chickens make me nervous. I'm terrified of mice. And I just know that horse is going to trample me someday. But I'm getting better. I can collect eggs without surrendering to panic. And I have no problem pushing the horse when she gets too close. The mice still freak me out!

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