July 20, 2014

Tiny Donkeys, on the Farm, Make me happy....Yeah, that's as far as that goes.

You may remember back in December when we added to our livestock. Ruby, a miniature horse, and Opal, a miniature donkey came to live on the farm. A few months later the cousins who sold us our girls gifted us Deacon, their mini stud horse. Deacon is more than 20 years old, missing an eye, and had been dubbed "The Walking Dead." He's done pretty good at our place. Put on weight and decided the girls aren't going to boss him around too much.

At the beginning of June, Ruby had this little guy:
His name is Jasper. Deacon is his daddy. (This picture was taken the morning after he was born.)

Back in the spring I started following a small farmstead with a FB page. The lady who runs the page is a friend of a friend. In March one of her mini donkeys threw a little stud jack. He was beyond cute and I commented on a few of his pictures.

Just over a week ago she contacted me to see if we wanted to buy him. There was another buyer lined up but she had to back out. So today, Charlie (formerly known as Leon), came to live on our little farm.
 He met Ruby. She wasn't terribly keen on sharing her home with an interloper even if he was the same size as her baby boy.

 After a few tense moments, Husband had to pen Charlie up to keep him safe from the girls but still let them get acclimated.  It didn't take too long.
 Before too long Charlie and Jasper were playing and becoming fast friends.
I love watching the two of them play. 

When Charlie grows up the plan is to breed him with Opal and add to our herd. Ruby was bred shortly after Jasper was born so there should be a new baby here around May. My fingers are crossed for a filly. 

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needlefingers said...

What I want to know is - where are the alpacas?