September 9, 2013

Today was awesome

Today I woke up every hour on the hour from midnight until 4:22 am when I decided I'd had enough of laying in bed sweating. Seriously? Night sweats? I'm 37. I'm not old. (If you caught the Monty Python nod you get a cookie.)

I got ready for work and realized I was making apple sauce in the crockpot and that had to be dealt with before I could leave. It's in the fridge. It may never make it any further.

I left for work expecting it to be a slightly chilly 62 degrees outside. I was wrong. It was 71. Not bad, but a tad warm for 5:15 am.

When I got to work I realized the AC that was just installed August of 2012 wasn't working. It was room-closed-for-the-weekend-with-temps-in-the-mid-80's stuffy in the kitchen.

As I walked across the kitchen a giant spider tried to kill me.

Actually I tried to kill him but when he saw my foot looming over his 1/2 inch spider body he rared up on his hind legs and lunged at my sneaker. I was terrified. But I still killed him.

The batteries in the clock on the wall had died so it told me the time was perpetually 12:45.

The maintenance guys told me they had no idea what was going on with our AC so we have to wait for the company who installed it to send a repair guy. Because it's still under warranty and they won't get paid for the service call, we could be waiting for quite a while.

Now I have a raging headache from the heat and noise from all the fans we had to run.

I think I'm going to go lay down and wait for another awesome day. It's going to be 95 the next 2 days. Yeah for us.

(Yes, I'm whiny today. Get over it.)

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