June 1, 2013

Home is where the heart is.

Sometimes it's hard to know just where home is.

When I'm at home- the actual house where I live- I refer to QM and Daddy's house as home.

When I'm at QM and Daddy's house I refer to the actual house where I live as home.

But neither feels entirely like home sometimes.

When I'm on the Farm I miss my parents, my siblings, my nephew, my best friend. When I'm at QM's house I miss Husband, the farm, being in the country, and my life. It's a balancing act I've never mastered.

The FarmHands and I have been here (QM and Daddy's house) since Wednesday afternoon. I'm so glad we came and have had the luxury of being here more than a day or two.

We've been out for pizza. We got dressed up and took family pictures. HT spent the night. We took the kids to the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, The Old Spaghetti Factory, and on a carriage ride through downtown. We've lounged around the house. Daddy and I made kabobs for lunch. Art's kids spent a day with us. Syd fixed BabyGirl's hair after a shopping trip to Belk's with QM. The FarmHands have set up all my old Fisher Price Little People in the garage and are currently having adventures in miniature. I've seen Princess's house and Bubba and Beck's apartment. Tomorrow we're going to church and having cake and ice cream for Princess's birthday. We're having fun but not cramming so much into each day that we're beyond exhausted at the end of the day....well, except for the day we went to the Science Center. That was a long day.

Art and her brood are on their way over so we can hang out. She's been crazy busy so we haven't had time to visit. I'm looking forward to laughing with her.

We've got 3 nights left before we hit the road and I know that I will be ready to be back on the Farm by the time we get there, but I'm beyond grateful for the time we've spent here.

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