May 21, 2013

The Amazing Jill was Right...

This Summer is gonna' be tough.

Well, if the past 3 days are any indication. By 5 in the afternoon I'm thinking, "Isn't this day almost over?" I've never had days feel so long in my life.

While I haven't accomplished everything on my list for Saturday, I have take a decent chunk out of my 'need to do's'.  I've cleaned and organized and scrubbed. I've napped and watched and played. There are still quite a few tasks to check off but I'm a bit more realistic than I was 3 days ago. I'm whittling away slowly instead of jumping in whole hog. And I'm hoping my drive lasts longer than I expect.

In the meantime I'm rediscovering my ability to sleep past 6am. Yesterday I told the 3 youngest FarmHands that every morning they wake me up will begin a day they will be grounded from the television and the Wii. Normally that's not a big deal but on rainy days they think they need their electronics. I told them that if that didn't work, I'd be adding major chores to the punishment. Today is day 1 in our new rule and so far, so good.

BabyGirl, on the other hand, won't see 10am willingly until August. But getting her to go to bed at night could be a real issue. She's trying her hand at being a teenager a full year early. Luckily the vacuum doesn't even wake her up.

Tomorrow is #1 Son's 10th birthday. We're waiting on our AC guy/plumber to come fix some issues for us. The septic tank is newly fixed. The pool is awaiting Husband's attention. 4-H rabbits will be purchased on Saturday. Summer is ready to go on the Farm!

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