February 11, 2013

You'd think I'd have learned the first time.

#1 Son has crazy hair. It's thick. It grows fast. It's coarse. He has 3 crowns and a cow lick. His hair is a hot mess. All that said, it took me putting his hair in pig tails to get his dad to agree it was time to take him to get his first hair cut.  Being that I wanted to strike while the iron was hot (i.e. while Dad was still on board), I ran him into Walmart to Smart Style to get his hair cut.

When we were paired up with a stylist I explained his hair to her and told her it had to be left longer on the top because without the weight of long hair, it would stick straight up in the air. She nodded and agreed and discussed it with me, then she cut it short and it stuck straight up in the air.

After that I decided I could butcher their hair at home for free and save us the $12 a cut would cost. Yes, there were a few times I did a less than stellar job but for the most part #1 Son and B.B. have looked well groomed thanks to a pair of shears QM grabbed for me from a Sally Hansen outlet.

I continued to go to Smart Style to get my hair cut on and off for the next 8 or 9 years. They usually did a decent job.

Then BabyGirl convinced her Daddy to let her get her hair cut short. We were out running errands so again we popped in to Smart Style but this time in a different town. BabyGirl and I explained the chin length bob she wanted and that she did not want any layers.  When we got home I took a good look at the cut and realized it was a good inch shorter in the front than in the back giving her a bit of a Dutch Boy cut.  Not exactly flattering but too short for me to do much about.  6 weeks later I broke the shears out and fixed it. She was much happier with my cut than the one from Walmart.

Flash forward a few more years (and attempts at finding a beauty shop I like) I popped in to get the much needed post head lice hair cut. The stylist did a wonderful job and I was thrilled. I returned to her 3 or 4 more times over the course of the year and she always did a perfect job.  I even messaged the corporate site to tell them what a fabulous stylist she was.

Then she left.

My next hair cut was something out of a picture book of 30 something moms trying desperately to look hip and failing in a big way.  I made it almost 2 months worth of growing out before I called up a mom from school to see if she could fix my mess. She did and I've stuck with her ever since.

Well, today Husband surprised us all by asking Bitsy if she'd like to get her hair cut.  We had a funeral to attend but he told her we'd follow it up with a trip to Smart Style to have her hair cut. I've been pushing for the cut since I went back to work and Bitsy has shown up at school most mornings looking like we don't own a hair brush.  It's not Husband's fault. He doesn't do pony tails or braids and her baby fine hair tangles so easily that a thorough brushing doesn't last long.  I wanted a chin length bob but Dad would only go as far as the collar bone.

This is what we ended up with:

Yup. That's how they sent my daughter out the door.

And I missed it.

She had on a dark dress with a collar. I had 3 other kids and a husband who were tired of waiting around. Bitsy wasn't truly talking so I wasn't sure if she was OK with having her hair short or not.  I did a cursory check and noticed there were a few wild hairs but that's to be expected when someone is cutting a 5 year old's hair. I tipped the stylist $2 on a $11 bill (I never ever do not tip my stylist) and headed home.

It wasn't until I was putting her in the bath that I noticed just how bad it was.

I wet her hair down, plopped her on the bar stool, and proceeded to fix it myself.

 The floor after I cut another 1/2 to 1 inch off her hair. Glad we went with the initial length near her collar bone or there wouldn't have been enough to fix. I trimmed tiny bits off at a time hoping to avoid taking off too much more. It could not be avoided.
 The back of Bitsy's hair after I fixed it.  As soon as I took this picture I sent an email to Smart Style's corporate head quarters telling them just how dissapointed I was in their stylists. I told them I doubted that they bother to check the quality of their stylists work. My guess is if you're licensed and willing to put in your hours, they'll hire you.

Bitsy's thrilled with the finished product. Personally, I think I did a pretty decent job if I do say so myself.  I'm happy for her.  Husband will have less of a battle in the mornings.  That's all that really matters.

Smart Style will never part me with my money again.

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Kork said...

I think she looks absolutely adorable, and that you do a pretty darn good job!

We have a full set of shears, clippers with guards...and yet BB takes Captain to a barbershop that's 100 years old...they rock...that's why they'be been cutting hair and trimming beards etc for 100 years... :D

Me? Well, I found someone I adore, and then she went and had a baby, and only works 2 days a week out of her home...

My girls? I subject them to bang trims when I can't see their eyes anymore, and once a year, at MIL's house, MIL's hairdresser comes and gives them a trim. That'll work for another 3 years or so...then I'm out of luck!