August 25, 2012

Two weeks down. Many, many, many to go.

My coworker and I are getting into the swing of things in our kitchen.  We've put things where we want them.  We've divvied up responsibilities. We've managed to feed 135 to 155 kids a day for the past week and so far no one has been poisoned.  I think that's the real goal.  Feed them & don't make anyone puke.

There is a serious learning curve. There have been some interesting (not really shareable on the internets) mistakes.  There has been some serious frustration.  I've even had to holler at some kids.  But I think I may stick with this one.  I may remain gainfully employed.

BabyGirl, on the other hand, might not make it out o 6th grade.  One of two things- she'll fail because she can't keep track of her homework or I'll kill her because she won't quit screaming at me while trying to do said homework.

In all reality, she's not adjusting to middle school very well at the moment.  I'm hoping a few more weeks and she'll get in the groove but I'm not entirely positive that it's going to happen.  I am a bit worried.  Her math teacher caught me in the hall yesterday and told me BabyGirl hasn't been finishing or turning in her work.  We're 1 full week into school.  I'm not ready for this kind of drama.

I'm having a hard time explaining to her that I cannot get her organized nor can I do her work for her.  She still needs nightly help with her homework.  She has to be prompted and prodded into doing each and everything at home.  I'm a bit worried about how things are going at school.  She doesn't seem to be understanding how to sift through written material to find the answers to the questions on her papers.  I'm honestly a bit worried at this point.

I'm going to give her another week or two and if nothing changes we're going to have to have some serious sit downs with her teachers to find out if this is a ploy to get me to find her answers or if she's honestly having trouble understanding.

It's really going to break her heart if she has to give up cheer, but if her grades drop, that's the first thing that will have to go- and that's not even my rule.  It's the school's (not that I disagree with it in any way).

I wonder if I'll get to keep my job if my daughter drops out of sixth grade......

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Anonymous said...

I feel your frustration. My daughter started doing that about the 6th grade and we never really found a solution. she would make strange statements like " He didn't tell us to read the chapter in history" my response. How can you answer the questions at the end without reading the chapter. She had sloppy assignments and often just didn't turn them in even when done. Good luck. We had testing done and she is a smart girl. Our only thought was maybe she was bored. Praise and punishment made no difference.