March 18, 2012


I am not now nor have I ever been a morning person.

I fear that may be changing entirely against my will.

Chalk it up to needing to be at work around the same time the sun, but I haven't been asleep come six am in nearly a week.  Even days I could sleep in until the lazy hour of eight, I find myself laying in bed at five thirty staring at the clock, willing my mind to shut off.  It doesn't listen.

This would be great if I had the kind of house where I could get things done while the FarmHands and Husband slept.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  I can't get clothes out of the dryer to fold for fear the noise of the dryer door will wake the boys.  I can't wash dishes without waking the entire house.  I can't clean bathrooms.  I can't vacuum or mop.  I'm left with dusting (which makes me sneeze so much I'd be the one making too much noise) and sweeping (which was just done last night and still involves a little too much banging around the kitchen).

Instead I'm left to hack away at my lap top, log into Facebook as my mother, get lost in Pinterest for hours on end, read (if there's anything worth reading in the house that I haven't already devoured 3 or 4 times), or watch a DVD that I've already seen 36 times.

I need to learn to knit.

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