March 28, 2012

And it's suddenly fun to wash dishes

When B.B. was 2 he took up climbing.  He climbed everything.  The couch.  The table.  His chest of drawers.  My kitchen cabinets.  He would hook his little fingers on top of what ever was in reach, dig in his monkey toes, and scale things you'd never expect a 2 year old to climb.

This lead to destruction unlike any of the other FarmHands accomplished.  I had cook books go missing.  I had figurines go flying.  He even managed to tear the tufted buttons off the back of the couch with his toes.  But the worst was when he climbed up the kitchen cabinet, grabbed the sprayer nozzle on my faucet, and snapped it off.

That was 5 years ago.

For 5 years I've had the hose portion of a sprayer faucet hanging into my kitchen sink (I've taken pictures but you'll have to wait until I get to a high speed connection to see them).  On top of that, the acrylic sink (NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy an acrylic sink) we had cracked across the bottom.  Not enough to leak water. Just enough to have giant gashes in the acrylic so the fiberglass glared through.  It was ugly and dirty and nearly impossible to keep clean.  Bleach and I became the best of friends.

A few months ago I was scrubbing the toilet in the FarmHands' bathroom when I noticed a small crack in the pedestal of the toilet.  The small crack has grown until it was nearing the bowl of the toilet.

Sunday morning, I found Husband taking the panel off the side of our garden tub to access the plumbing.  The faucet was dripping under the house but hadn't been for very long.

Sunday afternoon we made a trip to Menard's.  Today the plumbers spent a few hours installing all my new toys.  I now have a shiny new stainless steel sink with a faucet separate from the sprayer head.  A new toilet sits in the FarmHand's bathroom that should put our over used plunger into near retirement.  And my garden tub is sporting new knobs, faucet, and a hand held shower head that's entirely new to us.

It's as if I have a new house....well, except for the carpet in the bathroom that needs replaced and the French doors that need replaced and the back splash that doesn't exist. (I really am very thankful that we have the new things we's just fun to gripe on line sometimes.)

Oh, and I just found out I passed my Food Safety and Sanitation Exam!!  One more step on the way to gainful employment.

And 15 years ago today, FarmBoy asked me out.

It's been a good day.

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Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Very very very very very happy for you and your wonderful day!