February 14, 2012

Running in circles.

I realize I only work 7 hours a day & I've only been at it for a week now, but this working mother gig is tough. Really tough.  I'm up at 5:30 & out the door by 6:10.  On my feet on a concrete floor all day surrounded by large machines & small children that make a lot of noise.  I get home around 1:30 just in time to spend a frantic 30 minutes with Husband while he gives me a run down of everything that has happened & everything that needs to happen.  He leaves & (if I'm lucky) I get an hour & a half of semi-quite time with Bitsy.  Today she napped (Thank the Lord!) so I did too.  Then the FarmHands are home & it's homework, dinner, baths, stories, and bedtime with a few fights & a lot of craziness in between. Toss in laundry, dishes, and an occasional attempt at making Husband & Bitsy's lunch for the next day & I've been running into myself as I turn circles around in my kitchen.

I do not fathom how Art does what she does.  She works full time.  She's in school full time.  She's a single mom of 3 very busy kids.  She baby sits her sister's kids on occasion.  She's in charge of nearly everything at her church (that I think may actually meet 9 times a week).  And she is Amazing.

I, on the other hand, am a hot mess.  By this time next year they may be scraping me off the ceiling at night so I can sleep.

Tomorrow night the FarmHands have 4-H.  They have to make it to 2/3 of the meetings.  We haven't missed one since we joined in October & I was giving serious consideration to skipping this week's meeting until I realized it's our yearly pizza party....and we're in charge of drinks.  Not to mention the fact that BabyGirl has a cooking demonstration to do & #1 Son has a poem to read (please pray for them both tomorrow night.  Public speaking is new territory) so there's no way we can stay home this time.  I hope we make it.  At least pizza at 4-H means I won't have to scrounge up dinner for these heathens.


Oh crap.  I still have to fold clothes & flat iron my hair.  It's gonna' be a long night.

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