February 10, 2012

After all these years

When Husband and I were dating, we both worked second shift at C**** where Husband is still employed.  Husband (then FarmBoy) got off work 20 minutes before I did.  A few nights a week he would wait for me in the parking lot after work so we could spend a few minutes together before heading to our respective abodes.  Quite a few nights when he couldn't wait, he would make a quick trip to the gas station down the road, pick up a bottle of soda & a package of Reese's Cups and leave them in my car seat sometimes with a note scrawled on a post-it.  It was a sweet little tradition that lasted until we got married & started riding to work together.

This morning I headed out to my van to go to work & much to my surprise, in my driver seat, there was a bottle of Coke and a package of Reese's Cups.

Who says romance is dead?

If you're ever feeling a bit bad about yourself, I fully suggest hanging out with some 4 year old girls.  This week the kids in Bitsy's class have been fascinated by the fact that I'm at school all the time.  A few of them eat breakfast there, but none of them eat lunch at school.  After serving breakfast to the students, the other cook & I sit in the cafeteria & eat our breakfast while we wait for a student from each class to bring us the list of children eating that day.  Today, Bitsy's class hadn't left the gym when we sat down.  They all peeked out the doors & I heard lots of little voices saying, "Hi, Bitsy's Mom!"

One little girl ran up & asked, "When am I coming to your house?"  This seems to be the thing that needs asked by most kids from Pre-K to 1st grade.  Some I would be fine with coming over for a play date.  Some, I'd rather their mother's not know where we live  This little girl was in the first group.  I told her maybe when it warms up outside she could come over to play with Bitsy.  "OK.  I asked my dad & he said maybe sometime."    As soon as she got her answer, another little one pops up and says, "When do I get to come?!"  I told her the same thing.  She quickly responded with, "Well, then you have to call my mom."  They both came running to give me hugs on their way to class.

Now I'm left wondering if they want to come play with Bitsy, or is the draw just getting to come to my house.  One way or the other, I'm very popular with preschoolers....they're not old enough to realize Lunch Ladies aren't really considered cool.

Speaking of Lunch Ladies, I owe my husband a public apology.  He had been suggesting I become a lunch lady for quite a while before I ever called the school to ask if they needed any help in the cafeteria.  When he initially suggested it (and the next 10-15 times following) I blew him off thinking I'd hate to work in a school cafeteria.  Turns out, he was right.  Not only did they need help (I was sure they wouldn't), but I actually enjoy it.  I like the work.  I like the fact that I can keep a bit of an eye on the FarmHands.  I like the limited interaction with the students (I can talk to them if I want but I don't have to if I've had too much "kid time").  I like that I know most of the faculty and teachers after being there 7 school years.  I like that I don't have to get the kids up & ready for school in the morning (an exercise in torture).  And I really like that the hours are flexible enough that if we get our work done 15 minutes early, it's no big deal if we leave.

So, Husband, I am officially and publicly apologizing for ever doubting your insight into my professional future....and thanks for the soda.  Love you.

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Inkling said...

Tell Farmboy he made my heart skip a few beats with that bit of romance. I'm so impressed. love it!