February 8, 2012

An actual post with a little bit of fluff at the end.

Yesterday Husband and I made a life changing decision.  We had our television satellite disconnected.  This may not seem like a big deal to a lot of you, but it's a really big deal around here.  We had it turned on 2 years ago and I wasn't truly thrilled with the idea.  Husband was tired of Netflix & wanted to watch local channels without the disruption we constantly battled with our antenna.  The only problem was, once we get more than 3 or 4 channels at a time, all our brains shut off & we become giant couch slugs consuming hours upon hours of mindless trash television every day.  During the summer it's not a big deal since we spend so much time outside, but during the winter months we watch enough television to give the Nielsens a heart attack.

It was also costing entirely too much each month.  We were paying nearly $70 a month to have mindless garbage pumped into our home.  That's not OK.  Especially when you figure up that the same amount over the course of the year could pay 6 months car insurance- something you have to have in exchange for something you really don't need.

Everyone keeps telling me, "You don't really need satellite when you've got Hulu and streaming Netflix, and YouTube," but we don't have those things.  If we're lucky we might have an antenna that will pick up local channels every once in a great while.  I'm hoping for just enough signal to get me Downton Abbey on PBS and some Curious George for Bitsy every now & then.  If not, no big deal.

But this major change is going to have a serious effect on the FarmHands (am I using "effect" properly?  I always get effect & affect confused).  Last night, when they discovered the change, the boys burst into hysterical sobs.  "You mean we can't watch Phinneas and Ferb anymore?!  Why did you turn it off?  When is it coming back on?  This is No Faaaaiiiiiirrrrrr."  But once the immediate heartbreak was over, we sat down & read 2 chapters in The Magician's Nephew and a few Bible stories from the coolest Bible Storybook EVER (thank you, Inkling).  I'm pretty sure they'll survive, but it may be a hard few weeks as we readjust.

So far it hasn't bothered me, but then I spent most of today at work.  (Here's where the fluff starts.)  I haven't had a chance to feel the loss.  Give me a few days & a few more missed episodes of Glee & check again; I may take up drinking.

You may remember that I've been subbing as a cook at the FarmHand's school since just before Christmas. Today was my fourth day on the job.  I really enjoy it but it's going to take some serious getting used to-being on my feet all day.  My biggest issues is the dress code.  You can wear any kind of shirt you like (preferably a t-shirt) but you have to wear white or light khaki pants.  If you've ever spent a great deal of time in a kitchen, you know white is not a good idea.  And personally, I think white pants are a mistake period....unless you're name is Heidi Klum and you have legs that go on for years.

Let's add to this the fact that the one pair of white pants (stretch jeans) I've found have a black tag & front pockets that stand out through the fabric like neon lights saying, "Look at my upper thighs!  Look at my upper thighs!"  Oy.

Next order of business (yes, this may be the post that never ends):  my lower back has been out of wack since Saturday.  It needs to pop just above my tail bone but flat out refuses to do so.  At times I'm pretty sure a nerve gets pinched because I'll have a sharp pain that runs down to the back of my knee.  It's driving me crazy.  I've tried hot baths, heating pads, yoga, ibuprofen, muscle relaxers, and laying in every possible position.  Nothing has worked.  BabyGirl & Husband, on the other hand, can pop their lower backs with a simple twist.  Since mine's been bothering me, I'm pretty sure they've conspired to drive me crazy by showing me over & over & over & over again just how easy this task is for them.  And today, after I got home from work, Bitsy turns to me & says, "Look, Mommy.  I tan pop my back," and starts wiggling in all directions.

I hope they've reserved my padded cell, 'cause I'm gonna' need it.

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Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

I love ya! Only you could get me to read about antenaes, white pants and popping your back and enjoy it.