January 7, 2012

On Anniversaries and Dry Wall

I've been so infatuated with Pinterest that I missed my very own Blogoversary on the 5th. I've been filling the Interwebs with my prattle for a full 6 years & 2 days. I've had followers come & go. I've had Spammers fill my comments with Viagra ads. I've had luls in my posting. I've posted 4 times in a single day. But I'm still here. If you decide to take a stroll through my archives -Long ago & Farm Away on the side bar- you'll find posts that make it look like I began blogging on January 6th. Do not be fooled. They were post-dated Memes.

I also missed Lilly May's 6th birthday (which was also on the 5th). Luckily, being a Wirehaired Fox Terrier, she hasn't noticed. Amazingly enough, she also didn't complain about being overlooked at Christmas. What can I say? She's wonderfully well mannered when it comes to gifts.

Last week, when we had our new roof put on, I lost my master bath skylight. It's made me rather depressed. When we first looked at the model home I was immediately drawn to a few things: the open great room, the kitchen at the front of the house with an island, the walk-in pantry, the walk-in master closet, the fire place in the corner of the living room, the linen closet in the master bath, and the skylight.

When we realized we had to replace the roof, I knew that meant I'd be losing my brightly lit bathroom. Husband was worried it would eventually leak & we'd have to do major repairs to replace sections of a metal roof. In the end, it's a good thing we did remove it. When the crew was working on the roof, Husband discovered water stains in the attic around the skylight.

It's removal has left a big patch of green drywall exposed on our bathroom ceiling. Husband's been spackling & sanding all week. This weekend he gets to try his hand at texturizing it so it matches the rest of the drywall. I'm a bit nervous about handing him a plastic bag & expecting him to get all artistic. He's a dyed in the wool farm boy after all....but I'm holding out hope that he'll discover a new side of himself. Oh, and his stitches come out today!

Until then I'm afraid we're all going to drown in dry wall dust. Where's a door to door vacuum sales man when you need one?

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