October 24, 2011

Things I actually said yesterday:

  • He can't talk right now. He's out digging up Sycamore trees.

  • Do not hold that cat upside down by it's butt!

  • When I got home from church my pantry had been cleaned & organized! By my Husband!!

  • You should have retired years ago. Maybe then I'd have gotten my husband to dress better.

  • I don't understand why fish wouldn't want essential oils in their tank.

  • Do not take your brother's pants off in the front yard!

  • Get those nasty mud boots out of my pantry!

And that was only after I started keeping track.

A local men's clothing shop is going out of business. The owner is retiring. It's not exclusively a men's shop, but that is what it's most known for. They also carry women's boutique clothing, jewelry, and Brighton hand bags. It's one of my favorite places to browse. I'd love to buy things there, but I have 4 children....we're on more of a Wal-Mart budget & less of a boutique budget.

I'm not sure I've mentioned it here, but Husband has lost around 65 pounds since February. He started a couch to 5K program & watched what he ate & eventually got down to his pre-wedding weight. He's now a few pounds below that. That means his entire wardrobe hangs on him.

Yesterday we headed in to the men's shop to see what kind of sales they had. I figured we'd probably leave with a sports coat & possibly a pair of pants. Husband doesn't dress up often. He doesn't buy clothing for himself. It's just not part of his genetic make up. But yesterday, he went hog wild!

We left the store with a blazer, a sports coat, 2 pairs of slacks, a lavender dress shirt, and 2 ties for him and a dress coat for me. I nearly went into retail shock. In one fell swoop we took care of his entire dress wardrobe for the next 25 years and both of our Christmas/Anniversary gifts to each other.

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Kork said...

I love reading about the things you get to do and say!

And I'm jealous about the deals you got on clothes. Makes me wish we had a store like that. Not the closing it part...we just had 3 new places open but that are SPENDY! Too rich for my blood and budget!

PS - keep your eye on the storm system that just got us - we got 10" in about 3 hours and it is still snowing! Good news is that it's supposed to warm back up to the 40s tomorrow!