September 21, 2011

When you can't spend a weekend at your cabin in Vale.

Ordinary Sarah has this thing she does with her family & I love it. She calls it "Encouraging Words." Basically she takes a dry erase board and writes an uplifting quote on it, draws a simple picture to go along with it & it hangs where everyone can read it.

I am so getting a dry erase board this week. And not even for my family. Totally for me. I need encouragement in a big, bad way. Her blog header also reads, "I try to take life one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once." That seems to sum up my life lately.

All four FarmHands are now in school & while that gives me a few hours of quite each morning, it hasn't seemed to lighten the load for me in any real way. I guess the mad rush out the door in the mornings and the crazy cramming of homework, play, baths, & dinner into the evenings has left me a bit frazzled.

It doesn't help that Husband has been working ungodly hours for the past few months leaving him exhausted & in an occasional fog.

Add to all of this some rather serious personal issues taking place in the extended realm of QM and I'm done in for. I need some serious encouragement....and maybe an Appletini...and a mani-pedi.


Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Oh! I love you, i love you, i love you! Can't wait to see your whiteboard! :)

Sending imaginary grown-up drinks your way.

Kork said...

sending lots of hugs, and wishing I had a magic answer to make it easier.