May 3, 2011

Things you need to know.

  • We Will Rock You by Queen is the FarmHands' new favorite song. They're also really loving We Are the Champions which Bitsy enunciates very precisely but somehow still fits it into the same beats Freddy smashed it into.

  • My mother is in my kitchen telling Bible stories to BabyGirl who is listing intently. Thank you, Lord.

  • I have half a pan of lemon bars in my kitchen that no one will touch but me. That may explain why I was sick to my stomach yesterday.

  • Since moving our computer into the bedroom, I've spent 1/4-1/3 less time on it then when it was in the living room.

  • If the rain doesn't stay gone for more than a day or two, it may never dry out enough to put our pool up this summer. But then, if this keeps up, it won't be warm enough to need the pool up. I can't remember every running the furnace in May.

  • The new season of Doctor Who started April 23rd. I am so happy. Come along, Pond.

  • The Royal Wedding is over and I've only seen a single still picture of Kate in her dress. That is the entirety of my Royal Wedding exposure.

  • I will be 35 in 14 days. For some reason this birthday is bothering me more than 30 did.

  • Daddy turned 60 just over a week ago. That bothers me more than me turning 35.

  • We are taking the FarmHands to Gatlinburg the end of this month. Three of the six of us are prone to motion sickness. This could get messy. Oh, and Husband has never been to the mountains (and therefore has never driven in the mountains).


Kork said...

I am so glad that your children appreciate Queen. Freddie Mercury may have been quite off at times, but boy howdy did those guys make some AWESOME music...sigh...

PS - I didn't watch it either, but her dress was so very Princess Grace wasn't it? somehow, the little girl in me that wants to find a "real" Prince was fighting my better nature and I almost turned on coverage... :D

PPS - it, consume it, use it. You will be fine.

zann said...

Should you have a lunch somewhere in Gatlinburg if you would like so old friend company I'd totally drive two hours for the honor of your presence. * insert winning smile here*