May 11, 2011

Dear Spring,

I'm not sure what we did to make you gather up all your toys and run home crying, but will you please consider coming back out to play? Winter and I don't really get along that well & Summer should really not be allowed out just yet.

I could tell you've been a bit depressed of late, what with the massive amount of rain you've been dumping on us, but I think ducking out a full month early is a little bit dramatic. Don't you agree?

Just come back for a few weeks. Let me pack my shorts back up and wear cute tops that have sleeves without need of a coat. Tell the bugs to take a hike and stop allowing the flowers to wilt in the noon day sun.

I miss you. Come back. Please?


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Jackie said...

Dear Farm Wife,
I cannot come back, I am sorry. I wanted to join you again, but, if I come to the party, then my sister, Summer will leave. She is gaudy and loud, quite full of herself in her bikini. She knows the guys think she's hot and its gone to her head. But try to endure her, find some shade when you can. And, soon my sister, Autumn will come by and Summer will be on her way somewhere else.
By the way, I will be back in while, it will feel just like a blink, so save those cute sandals, they look great on your feet :)