May 22, 2011

Now What?

It has just occurred to me that my children will not be spending 8 hours each day at school this week. In fact, they will be entirely under my supervision for the next three months. I'm not entirely sure I'm qualified for this. Maybe someone should come in and check up on us occasionally. I'm not really to be trusted.

Today, #1 Son turns 8. I'm glad. I've not been a huge fan of 7. Mostly because I can't seem to remember that number when it comes to the ages of my children. When BabyGirl was seven, I was continually telling people she was eight. I've been doing the same thing with #1 Son all year. Unfortunately I only get a brief break from seven as B.B. will be turning it in September.

#1 Son got his very own green Light Saber for his birthday today. I wish I could have frozen the look on his face for all time. He knew what was in the package before he started unwrapping it, but in his excitement, he must have momentarily forgotten. He began trembling all over and could hardly get the paper off.

My children have developed a fairly new obsession with all things Star Wars. Being a child of the 70's and 80's myself, I am a hard core fan of the original three movies. My children, being of the CGI generation, are all about the most recent three movies. In my opinion, they hardly count as true Star Wars movies. I fear Mr.Lucas may have suffered some type of brain injury as he was writing the dialogue for them.

But it still makes me happy that Bitsy named her (now deceased) kitten Princess Leia, B.B. lives to quote Yoda, and #1 Son asks me to call Uncle Bubba to check on the accuracy of their imaginary Light Saber (which they still tend to call Life Savers or occasionally Light Savers) duels.

The Force is strong with in them.

Their father on the other hand, not so much. He is continually misquoting Yoda (I'm pretty sure that's tantamount to sacrilege in some places) and just last week the following conversation actually took place in my home:

As Husband watches Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones with the FarmHands and I wash dishes....

Husband- What are those?
FarmHands- The Secret Plans.
Husband- What secret plans?
FarmHands- THE Secret Plans, Dad. (the "duh" was implied)
Husband- What are they plans for?
Me- The Death Star.
Husband- What?
Me- The. Death. Star.
Husband- What's that?
Me- What's what? They're the plans for the Death Star that R2-D2 takes from Leia to deliver to Ben in the first movie. (Do not argue with me that A New Hope is actually the fourth is now & will always be the first movie.)
Husband- No, what's the Death Star?
Me- (dropping dish sponge, removing rubber gloves, and walking into living room) You did not just ask me what the Death Star is.
Husband- Yes I did. What is it?

Oh. My. Stars.

Where have I failed this man? I thought it was bad when BabyGirl asked me who Bobba Fett was a few months back. This was so much worse.


needlefingers said...

And, and, and . . . did you know yesterday was Talk Like Yoda Day?

Of course you didn't, because some crackpot had to go and say it was the end of the world, and that prevented real news from being reported.


zann said...

wow. Ashamed for you I am ;).