April 24, 2011

And now, for a bit of pretty boy fun.

My blogging friend Emily used to post pictures of boys she liked. Occasionally I feel the need to do the same. For one reason or another, these are the boys I like (in a totally innocent, I'd-like-to-keep-you-in-my-purse-and-take-you-out-for-Facebook-profile-pictures kind of way...and the word "boy" is being used in the loosest sense of the word since one of these men is old enough to be my father).

And now, for Boy #1- A British Doctor
Boy #2- The Dirt and Bugs guy.

Boy #3- Uncle Hobart/Good friend of Optimus Prime (do you know Optimus Prime called my house?)

Boy #4- The Most Awesome Cowboy Ever. Do not dispute this fact.

And finally, Boy #5- A quirky, trench coat wearing, boom-box serenading, usually brooding, occasional assassin.

You're welcome.


zann said...

That Doctor, and Sam Elliot make my list too. It's the voice oh how I love the voice. I hadn't seem some of the others but applaud your choices. Other than the affore mentioned I'd have to say that Christian Bale would make my list but only from one or two of his movies. He is not always attractive. Odd huh?

HeatherInTheBoro said...

I can't see, who is the doctor?

FarmWife said...

The Doctor is David Tennant from Doctor Who. He was the tenth Doctor. My favorite!

Layla said...

No clue who that doctor is, but holla to the friend of Optimus Prime - which reminds me - there is a tractor trailer that is permanently parked at a house near me that looks JUST LIKE Optimus Prime and I am going to get a picture of it one day to send to you. Every time I drive by it (which is once a day), I scream OPTIMUS PRIME!! Because I'm a very mature 33 year old.

Sweet Jane said...

Where would Adrien Brody fit into your list? He's yummy. And just to throw in my two, I've had a thing for Gary Sinise every since Forrest Gump. Question: Why is the "cowboy" the "most awesome ever?" I don't recognize him at all. Jon Cryer...Whooops! I mean John Cusack is definitely a throw-back hottie! Totally.

Jackie Sill said...

YOU are hilarious!

Queen Mother said...

The Cowboy should be in the #1 spot.

FarmWife said...

Layla, you MUST, MUST, MUST start watching Doctor Who on BBC America immediately. The man pictured is not the current doctor, but is the one prior to this (know as the tenth doctor). It is wonderful and quirky and funny and british!

Sweet Jane, that is Sam Elliot. I love Sam Elliot. I have since I was a kid. Probably because my mother loves him, too. Oh, and I do like Adrian Brody. Not your typical Hollywood hottie, but awesome, none the less.

QM, this is a totally random order. I couldn't possibly put Uncle Hobart ahead of Lloyd Dobbler.