April 30, 2010

Oh. My. Goodness.

I know, it's been a long time since I posted twice in one day, but I'm going to pop if I don't share this one immediately.

My baby brother (Bubba) just won the Best Uncle of the Year award by having Optimus Prime call my boys. The real life, honest to goodness Optimus Prime. The Optimus Prime from all those cartoons we watched in the 80's & the movies that have made millions over the past 5 years. Yeah, that one. He's at MTAC tonight.

Not only did Optimus Prime call my boys, but he called them by name. He talked to them for about 2 minutes telling them how excited he was to be able to call them, asking them what they were doing tonight (when they told him they were watching Avatar, he said that was one of his favorite movies), and ending up with, "I wish I could talk to you longer, but I have to get back to Cybertron. I have work to do. But first, #1 Son & B.B., I need you to do something for me. Can you do it? Transform & roll out!" I only wish I could have gotten it all on tape. Their eyes were the size of saucers & they were practically vibrating with excitement.

I had them on speaker phone & Bitsy started jumping around the living room yelling, "Hi, Op Pwime! Hi, Op Pwime!" Because she was so excited, she was practically squealing, he said, "Is that a puppy, or one of you?" Since we hung up the phone she's told me 15 times that Op Pwime called her. Then she brought me a plastic potato chip from her play kitchen & wanted me to eat it. I said no thank you & she said, "Op Pwime eat my chip!"

They cannot wait for Daddy to wake up in the morning so they can tell him.

And yes, this made the dork that lives deep down inside me very, very happy not only because my brother did something so very awesome for my kids.....but also because:

Optimus Prime called my house!

OK, in truth, Bubba called & put him on the phone, but please, do not harsh my mellow!


zann said...

that is the awesomest thing ever. If Bubba sees Prima again, he could have him call my house too and I would not complain. He was one of my elementary celebrity crushes. Him, Lance from Voltron and Spiderman. There was just something about his voice. There's an action figure of him on the shelf above my desk.

needlefingers said...

That is completely cool. You realize the rest of childhood is going to pale in comparison, don't you?

Optimus Prime called your house!

Layla said...

This is, quite frankly, the COOLEST THING EVER. I can't make the word EVER as big as I want, to express how very, very veryveryvery cool this is!!!!!!!! :D