January 28, 2011

Play On

Bitsy is currently in full on meltdown mode because her flannel pink elephant pajamas are too small for her. Grant it, she's still wearing them even though they're size 18 months & she wears a 3T, but she's bawling because I didn't agree with her when she asked if they fit. She even tried to prove to me that she hasn't grown as much as I think she has by standing on her tip toes and saying, "See, me like dis' me big," then standing flat on her feet and saying, "Me stand like dis' me little."

I think it's time for bed.

I'm considering putting a PayPal button in my side bar to raise money to pay for the carpal tunnel surgery Inkling is sure I'm going to need in the near future. You see, I am Indiana Jones....well, the Lego version of everyone's favorite professor anyway. The boys love playing the Lego versions of Indiana Jones and Star Wars. The problem is, they really aren't very good at either one. That means I end up playing one character while one of them leaps about killing everything in sight (including me) while I try & beat the level.

Tonight we were on a roll. I didn't realize exactly how long of a roll we were on until I checked our Wii notes just before shutting it down. Anyone want to guess? Three hours, fifteen minutes. Yup. Three hours and fifteen minutes of chasing after vehicles, throwing bananas to monkeys, and beating the living daylights out of plastic virtual Nazis. I'm The Man.

I don't think I want to be The Man again. I'll be dreaming in Lego tonight...if I can get BabyGirl off the Wii and in her bed.

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