December 18, 2010

Still praying for Jacob

I thought I should update you all on Jacob, the 12 year old boy I asked you to pray for last week. Jacob is still in the hospital. Last night was a rough night, but until then he was improving. I'm not sure how bad last night was, but his mom said his O2 sats kept dropping, so that's not good. He's been out of the ICU most of this week & I'm praying he'll stay out.

I want to share something his mom, Korey, posted yesterday.

I love it when one of Jacob's life purposes (despite this world's view of a purposeful life, as well as a couple unmentionable people who have indicated Jacob has no purpose) peeks out & show the doctors that it is God that is in control, not them, as he moves way beyond their expectations and in a quicker time frame. They say "This little man is pretty amazing", and I get to say, "That's because God is amazing!!"

It really touches me to read those words. Korey and James and their oldest son, Hunter are amazing people. Please keep this family in your prayers. As of yesterday, Jacob has been in the hospital 14 days. I know they really want to be home for Christmas but even more than that, they want their Jacob back to his happy, smiling self.

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