October 4, 2010

It just kept getting better.

Yesterday did not start off well. I was worn thin. Saturday was spent in E'ville with Husband and the kids while BabyGirl & #1 Son got caps & fillings at the dentist. Yuck. Especially since BabyGirl was so nervous she spent the morning crying & refusing to get ready to go, then got nauseous on the drive down.

We came home & I realized my kitchen was trashed & I had 4 loads of laundry that had to be washed. Daddy called & said he & QM would be bringing Grandma & Grandpa M&M by our house on their way home from vacation. That meant I couldn't leave the mess for later.

Yesterday I woke up to the boys fighting in the dark living room. It was 6 am (they're not supposed to leave their room before 8 am on the weekends) and they were looking for our Iron Man 2 DVD. They plugged their night light in under my bird cage and were rifling through the entertainment center. The DVD was in the Blu-ray player they're not allowed to touch. This did not go over well with Mama.

There was quite a bit of foot dragging & arguing while getting ready for church, one toy box completely dumped in the floor, some serious refusal to clean up any kind of mess, then entirely too much fidgeting & arguing during church. These things in combination do not do good things for this Mama. Add to that a husband who does minimal housework, worried about the state of the dishes & household affairs (most of which were taken care of prior to church) who's telling his wife what needs to be done, and the last remaining shreds of my composure were destroyed.

Husband took the boys & Bitsy outside to play. BabyGirl sequestered herself in her room. I finished my chores and crashed out on the couch with a DVD Que full of Criminal Minds. After a brief nap, things started looking up.

MIL came by with some pictures she found when they were cleaning out Husband's grandmother's house (she moved in with one of his aunts a few years back). Later she came by with 2 yellow creamer pitchers she'd saved from 2 of Husband's great-grandmother's kitchens. They are the sweetest little things & I promptly put them up with some things from my grandmothers kitchens.

A few minutes later NM & A Starry Night came by for a visit. NM was bringing a movie over for the boys & they ended up staying & chatting for more than an hour. It was so nice to get to have a real face to face conversation with grown ups while my kids played in the yard.

QM, Daddy, and The Grands got here about a quarter 'til seven. We sat around the dining table we inherited from Grandma & Grandpa M&M while they ate dinner (we'd had ours earlier) and we looked at vacation pictures. Bitsy even talked (she never does when there are people around). They didn't get to stay very long, but I will take what ever time with them I can get. And both Grandma & Grandpa were thrilled with the way their table & chair cleaned up (I have film being developed now so I should have pictures to post by the weekend).

I turned in early last night & watched a bit of Pride & Prejudice in bed before falling asleep.

It's nice when a day redeems it's self like that. I'm hoping the rest of the week follows suit.

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