October 19, 2010

Can someone please explain this to me?

Yeah, so I wasn't really gone. I'm not completely sure I'm back, though. We shall see.

Until I make up my mind about this whole blogging sabbatical, I need to run something by the general public.

Friday I was at Wal-Mart as per usual. Bitsy & I had to make a second quick trip through the store to pick up a few things I forgot. As we reached the Express Counter, there was a new clerk coming in to take the current clerk's place so she could take her lunch break.

The conversation went like this:
Clerk #2- Are you ready for your break?
Clerk #1- Yes. Are you taking my place?
Clerk #2- Yup. When ever you're ready?
Clerk #1- Alright, I'm hungry. It's all yours. (She logs out of the register & gathers her things.)
Clerk #2- What did you bring in your lunch?
Clerk #1- A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Clerk #2- Yum!! That sounds good!! Enjoy! (She was very adamant about how good that sandwich sounded.)
Clerk #1- Thanks. See you in a few.
Clerk #2- (watching #1 walk away, she turns to me) Yeah, that doesn't really sound good at all.

What?! I cannot imagine that Clerk #1 would have been in anyway offended if Clerk #2 hadn't said anything about her choice of sandwich. She wasn't awaiting #2's approval. She didn't ask #2's opinion. She sure wasn't offering her a bite.

Clerk #2 could have said, "Enjoy your sandwich," or, "Have a good break," or even, "Oh, I don't like peanut butter." Or she could have skipped her aside to me. I didn't ask. I didn't care. I had no part in the conversation at all. Why out herself in a lie to a total stranger?

I do not understand any of what transpired.


needlefingers said...

I can explain - people are crazy. Do not attempt to understand Teh Crazee. That will only get you a headache.

Penny said...

I hope you are doing ok?