September 24, 2010

A few early morning really early morning.

Like way too early in the morning. Bitsy can't sleep. I have allergy issues & am all out of Zyrtech. So here we are watching season premiers on the DVR & blogging. I figured my sleep deprived state was a great way to start off this episode of Ask FarmWife.

#1- Sarah at Ordinary Days is going to start us off with one bound to send me off on a marathon stroll down Memory Lane. Where was your favorite place to play when you were little?

I was an only child until I was nearly five years old. That meant I had to learn to entertain myself & I'm pretty sure I was good at can ask QM, she may remember differently. We lived in a little house built in the 1940's (I think) for most of my early childhood. There was a small brick pad in the back yard that, to the best of our knowledge, may have been the top to an old well. Thinking back, it may have not been the safest place to play, but that one spot drew me to it like a magnet. It may have only been 2 feet by 2 feet and was partially grown over by grass, but I loved it. It was under the big tree in our yard & I could spend hours a day playing there.....I wonder if it's still visible. I wonder what it was about that small spot that fascinated me. I wonder if Sarah expected me to be quite that specific.

#2- Kork, after a snarky comment or two, continues the thread with: In addition to your favorite place to play, WHAT was your favorite thing to do/play when you were little?

You name it, I played it. Princess, Little House on the Prairie, School, Church (there's a story for a little later in this post), Ballerina....but the one that stands out in my mind was when a friend of mine (who happened to be a really cute boy a few years older than myself) got a fedora & bull whip for his birthday or Christmas. If you don't know what's coming next, shame on you. We played Indiana Jones all day one day while our parents visited. I think it was a one time only thing, but it stuck in my head like glue.

I played He-Man with my boyfriend who lived down the street. We met at the bus stop on the first day of kindergarten and remained a "couple" until we were split into different classes in third grade. I think the relationship lasted as long as it did because he lived on the next block & he had Castle Grayskull & a Teela figure. Ahhh, young love.

Oh, and then there was the on going game of V (like the sci-fi TV series from the early 80's) we played on the playground at school in first grade....and the on going game of Voltron in 4th grade....and G.I. Joe later that same year. Yeah, I was really into television adaptations & playing with boys.

As for the Church story: Mama overheard me in my room one afternoon when I was very little. The only thing she heard was me shout, "Jesus Christ!" and she couldn't figure out where I'd heard such language....until she peeked into my room & discovered I'd lined all my babies up & was preaching to them. I don't remember that, but I do remember serving them communion consisting of marshmallows & water in my Tupperware play cups.

Finally, Miss Layla Dear will round us out for this evening with a great question, asking us to ignore her typos. I seriously had a 20 minute argument with my boss today about how Iron Man is obviously superior to X-Men, and how Transformers could have been SO good, if they hadn't give the Autobots such stupid voices (with the exception of Optimus Prims) so my question to you is, do you still like me after knowing how incredibly nerd alert I am?

First of all, I would still like you even if you had an unhealthy fascination with Anime...and that's saying a lot for me. Secondly, did you forget what a massive Geek-out I had when Optimus Prime called my house?!

And now I must address a serious problem I have with your question, Layla. How exactly is Iron Man superior to the X-Men? Have you recently suffered a head injury? Tony Stark is a glorified tech geek. The X-Men are the next step in genetic evolution. Who would Stark be without his daddy's money & his tiny Arch Reactor? Jean Gray would so kick his butt...especially if she went all Phoenix on his hiney. And don't even get me started on what Magneto could do to that shiny suit of his. Nope, the X-Men would totally win that fight.

And that is all I have to say about that.


Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Yes, I did want you to be that specific! Your little patch of bricks sounds so sweet!

I'm a little obsessed with outdoor play right now because I'm reading Last Child in the Woods.

And all that comic book stuff? That's like reading Chinese to me. Totally lost...

FarmWife said...

Sarah, I dated a few comic book junkies way back in the day so like it or not I ended up with a bit of an education on the matter....and an addiction to any comic based movie.

I need to find Last Child in the Woods. I need a good read.

Layla said...

But......he's hot.

Oh yes, I forgot how geeked out I got when you got the Optimus Prime call. That was totally unfair. And I love you.

Inkling said...

I remember playing restaurant at your house. You had all the play tupperware pieces and a really cool kids table and chairs. But then the babysitter (your mom's friend from church - can't remember her name - Gloria's daughter maybe?) got all over my case for offering beer as on of the choices to our imaginary customers. I don't think I'll ever forget that.

'Member when we'd dress up and walk around G-ma's block and put flowers on our fingers as if they were really long finger nails? Hide and seek at her house was the best too. Remember the time we still fit in the sugar bucket and the little cubby she had beside that old kitchen desk area?