August 1, 2010

New Furniture, Old Memories

I suddenly have a new living room. Daddy came by today with a 16 foot moving van filled with things Grandma & Grandpa M&M couldn't take to their new apartment. Some of the things found a new home here, others are going south to other members of my immediate family.

Husband started talking about a dining table a few months ago. Our living room is set up so that one half of it can hold a dining table. We have a table in the kitchen, so it's never been an imperative.

When I found out Grandma & Grandpa were downsizing I couldn't handle the thought of Grandma's dining table leaving the family. They bought it when they bought the house they lived in most of my life. They bought the house at auction when my dad was 6 years old. The table was already in it. They paid $17 dollars for it (the table, not the house). I told QM I'd really like to have it if that was an option. She talked to Grandma & Grandma was very happy with the idea.

We ate at that table every holiday, birthday, and family gathering we ever had. When my parents, aunts, and uncles were finished having their babies, there were 16 of us in total. Grandma's table held 16 people exactly. When Husband and I got married, Grandma joked that he had messed up her table count. We'd never had a kids' table.

Inkling and her brother and I used to camp out under it after dinner while our dads watched football or racing or baseball and our moms helped Grandma wash dishes (except when the Cubs played and then Grandma was watching baseball with the guys). My wedding dress was cut out on that table. So was Inkling's and her mother's and countless other dresses and rompers and outfits Grandma made for us.

Hours were spent eating, laughing, talking, playing, and visiting at that table. My siblings, cousins, and I grew up at that table.

It's now sitting in my living room like a tangible piece of my childhood.

I'm so very happy to have it. But there is a huge part of me that wishes it never needed to be moved in the first place.

It's bittersweet...but sweet none the less.

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Kork said...

How wonderful you get to have that amazing tangible evidence of a blessed childhood!

Just think how happy Grandma is knowing that this table will make another set of kids happy and have a place to play and for things to be sewn and made, and enjoyed...

Prayers for a wonderful new life for this table, and for many years of visiting the Grands at their newest temporary home.

Listen to Carrie Underwood's'll remind you that it's ok...