June 2, 2010

Hot Mama Revolution Summer Uniform

I have a secret. I've gained some weight. Around 12 pounds since September. It's an odd thing for someone who's non-pregnancy weight has hovered in the upper 90 pounds for the past, Idunno', 17 years or so. I'm now tipping the scales at a whopping 110 + pounds.

That means none of my shorts from last summer fit. In fact, when Princess was here 2 weekends ago, I sent a stack of pants home with her that we're passing back & forth depending on who they fit and when. I think I have 2 pairs of shorts I can currently get into & one of them has a bleach spot on them. It's sad.

But I have a few simple sun dresses & shirt dresses hiding in my closet. For some reason I had it stuck in my head that you only wear a dress if you're going out. When I was preggers with B.B., QM made me a few simple dresses that I moved into for the summer. Since then, I've been more likely to be found laying around the house in a dress the way most people would lounge about in shorts & a tank top. I may be taking a page out of BabyGirl's book. She's lived in one sundress every summer for the last 4 years (a different one each summer).

I've found my empire waist knit tank dresses are very forgiving in the areas I've gained weight (mainly my hips & waist)...and being basically t-shirt material, they can withstand tromping through the creek with the FarmHands. But put on some sparkly earrings, bangle bracelets, and cute shoes, and I'm ready to hit the town....as long as there's no mud on my back side.
This (although not a knit sundress) is my new favorite:
And I think I paid all of three dollars for it. Yeah me!
So, what are you wearing this summer?


Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

WHERE DID YOU GET THAT DRESS????? Yes, I just screamed at you but it was necessary. That dress is too friggin cute. I think I need one, or twelve. Tell me it comes in more colors!

Queen Mother said...

LOVE the new dress!!