January 11, 2010

Updates on Justin

Via Diana's Facebook Page. Things are looking up!

Saturday night at 7:45: "officially, justin will finish this hardcore antibiotic tomorrow morning at 9:30ish. he then has to wait 2 hours to be sure he won't bleed out (side effect of drug) before they put in the new line and then start dialysis. no more nitric oxide, no more blood pressure meds. he's holding it on his own!! GO BABY!!"

Yesterday morning at nine: "mini justin update - back on little bp meds, but he's handling the turning and rotating very well. he has a bed sore, but they are handling that well. he had 6 different bugs in him, but they were all his own, none from the hospital and thus easier to fight. they stopped the antibiotic a little early so they can get dialysis earlier. i will update after dialysis and how he handled that. Pray on! still a good day."

And late last night: "justin update- he came through dialysis like a champ! barely even a flicker on bp in reaction. he's been rotated, poked and prodded galore and had no complaints. we had a brief interaction where he responded to me before they upped his sedation again. all in all, a great day. after these successes, we claim up to step 20!!! i am also good. nice visits, good dinner, awesome snuggie."

Keep those prayers going!!

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