January 25, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to lunch.

We were headed out for an innocent family dinner when, lo & behold, Little BIL went & got married.

OK, so maybe that's not exactly how it went. Little BIL met "that someone special" a few months ago. A few months after that, a diamond ring was purchased. Today we met up at the courthouse just before lunch & watched them start the rest of their lives. Husband & I have known the time & date for a few weeks, but it was kept fairly well under wraps otherwise.

Neither Little BIL nor 'AndChair' (which is what she'll be called from here on....that's what Bitsy calls her...I kid you not) wanted a big wedding. They each wore the clothes they wore on their first date (I loved that part). MIL, FIL, Big BIL, Husband, the FarmHands, and AndChair's SIL were all there. The snow was swirling gently around just out the window behind them. AndChair was laughing a bit & crying a bit (well, more like getting tear-y). They were both smiling from ear to ear. It was all so very sweet.

Bitsy has never had anything to do with AndChair before, always glaring at her from across the room with distrust. I've tried to convince her that there is no danger in smiling at AndChair, but she would have none of it. Today, as soon as the ceremony was over & we were heading out of the judge's chambers, Bitsy walked up & gave AndChair a big hug. I was shocked. AndChair said, "FarmWife, quick, take a picture! She's hugging me!" but unfortunately I'd already stuck the camera in it's bag.

This officially means there are 6 Mrs.C's in our family (including yours truly). There will be one more added to the roster next summer when NM & A Starry Night get married. Maybe we'll start a coalition & overthrow the village council.

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