November 18, 2009

To sleep, to sleep, perchance to dream...of Cullens & the Wolf Pack

When Art & I were roomies, we had a strict bedtime. Strict is a relative term here. Bedtime is too, come to think of it. We told people that we had to be in bed no later than 4 am or we wouldn't be able to function the next day. Honestly, I'm not sure how we functioned anyway. Going to bed at 4 am only to be at work at 9:30 the next morning, isn't really wise.

Our nocturnal ways prepared me for second shift factory work. I went in at 3 in the afternoon & got off at 11:20 at night. It didn't bother me in the least. In fact, I think I could have pulled off third shift with little to no problem in the early days. I'd come home, take a shower, eat something, watch a movie, and read for a bit before turning in between 1:30 & 2 am.

When Husband & I got married, I found out he is one of those rare creatures that can come home, eat, shower & go to sleep immediately. I could not. For the first few months he'd try to coax me into going to bed at the same time he did (yeah, laugh all you want), but I'd end up laying there awake, listening to him snore well into the early morning hours. Then I started sitting up on the couch for a few hours after work to wind down, movies & books again. Many nights I'd fall asleep on the couch only to have Husband carry me into bed when he discovered me missing.

Now, nearly 12 years & 4 children later, I go to bed much earlier. It's fairly rare that I see 11 o'clock at night. Once in a blue moon, Husband & I will start watching a movie late on a weekend night & midnight will sneak up on me.

Tomorrow night, I'm going to the midnight showing of New Moon with Ray-ray & Beffie. It starts at midnight. That's nearly 2 hours past my bed time. Busha asked me if I had lost my mind. I think I may have. This is something people in their late teens & early twenties do. Ray-ray & Beffie are in their late teens/early twenties. I am not. I haven't been in quite a while. It would be a real waste if I fell asleep half way through the opening credits.

I'm hoping sparkly, teenage vampires & young, Native American wolf boys (and a large Mountain Dew) will keep me awake. One thing's for sure: 5 hour energy drinks will be avoided at all costs!


needlefingers said...

Ah yes, staying up until 4:00am after a long, fun night at C----, sleeping until 1:00 pm, get up and do it all over again.

"I need a set-up at the Walter on the 200 line!" :)

Good times.

Ren said...

No matter how tired you are, I think it would be impossible to fall asleep during New Moon! Can't wait!

Ang said...

we have tickets for friday 7pm..hope you have a great time.

Staci said...

I was going to skip the New Moon opening weekend because I was so disappointed by Twilight. BUT - my 12 year old SON said he wanted to go with me, and I jumped all over it.

So - I'll think of you when the credits start to roll in my neck of the woods.