November 23, 2009

One of these days...

I'll post something worth reading. But not today. Today my back hurts....bad.

Husband slaughtered the hog last night & we spent all morning butchering & packing away the pork. And most of the lunch time hours scrubbing & disinfecting the kitchen.

The three oldest FarmHands are sick with some odd malady that causes hives, headaches, sore throats, & an ear infection in B.B. We made a trip to the clinic where our old NP works to get scripts for Amox. & Zyrtech. That nixes our plans to head to Grandma M&M's for Thanksgiving.

Husband is on vacation all week, so that's a huge blessing....

Bitsy is officially potty trained complete with big girl panties in public & to bed at night!

I have purchased one Christmas gift for each of the FarmHands....and that's it. I think I'm in trouble. I may have to leave the house on Black Friday after all.

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