October 19, 2009

You won't find that verse cross stitched on a throw pillow.

This was a long weekend. It was a hard weekend. It was a good weekend.

Mary's memorial service was beautiful. It was a wonderful reminder of what awaits us in Heaven even as we grieve for her on Earth. In between my tears, I had to stifle giggles as Inkling's Grasshopper flirted with Princess, QM, and me over his mother's shoulder through most of the service. There was time to spend visiting with family over food provided by my cousin's church. And finally a trip to Mary's graveside with our family (grands, aunts, uncles, & cousins). It wasn't easy, but it was good. I only wish we'd have had more time to spend with Inkling, Henry David, Grasshopper & Inkling's brothers & sisters-in-law.

My 5 Hour Energy drink ended up being a 26 Hour Energy drink....which was not a good thing. I slept 2 hours Friday night & was awake from 1:30 Saturday morning until 11 o'clock Saturday night. That didn't help my emotional well being.

Sunday morning, I got to wrestle in QM's living room with HT who turned three on Friday. He was put out with me when he found out I was leaving for my house & he couldn't come with me. "Baby go Haunch van! Baby go Haunch house!" Sorry, Bub, but you have to stay at Grammy's. "NOOOOOO!" It was so pitiful.

I was laying on the couch when he brought me a Matchbox van. It was red, had flames painted on the sides, and was seriously pimped out. HT informed me that it was my van. I only wish my van was that cool.

Yesterday morning I was in desperate need of a good laugh. Daddy played this video for me & I nearly wet my pants....so I have to share.

In other news, the potty training that I assumed would go out the window during our hours & hours & hours spent in the confines of the van, has instead, taken root. I would put Bitsy at about a 75% success level at the moment. Her accidents have all involved serious distractions & naps...and if you catch her very quickly after a nap, you can avoid that one. I'm truly shocked by this. She's much farther along than any of her siblings were at this age.

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Kork said...

Glad you made it safe and sound and had a good visit overall...what a blessing to have so much family there to support you and encourage you!

And that Tim Hawkins sketch CRACKS ME UP! In fact, I think that we should all find those verses and start spouting them when people ask what our favorite verses are...how much more fun would witnessing be if people knew that there were verses like that???? hee hee...

lots of hugs, and SO glad that Bitsy seems to be taking to potty training like a duck to water... :D as it were...