October 26, 2009

Our Mini-Mafia

Once upon a time, the Queen Mother told people that some day I would be president, Bubba would be my Secretary of Defense, and Princess would be a terrorist. Today the Daring Young Mom wrote about the First Grade Terror Alert Laylee may be apart of.

I've often told people that my children could be their very own mafia. Art & I used to discuss strategy for our kids' "family" (like the Sopranos are a family). Since my children were born in the same order as Art's (up to Bitsy), they are scarily similar in personality.

Long ago we decided that Syd & BabyGirl would be the Dons of the family. Both are mother hens who live to tell their younger brothers what to do.

#1 Son and Lu-lu will be the "legit" members of the family. One will be the accountant & the other will be the lawyer...in the movies they're always the ones that pretend everything is on the up & up. They're the brains of the operations.

Next comes B.B. & Mr.C.A. They will undoubtedly be the brawns of the operation. Breaking knee caps, tossing folks in the river wearing a pair of cement shoes, and generally bulling every one into submission is their calling in life.

That only leaves Bitsy. I'm convinced she's destined to be the family darling....think Marisa Tomei in Oscar....the spoiled, pampered, romantic, dreamer.

Hopefully they'll all have the decency to care for Art & I in our old age. We'll be the grandmothers dressed in black, clutching our rosaries, wearing our furs in the summer and waving our canes at the dozens of kids running around on the lawn after Sunday Mass. No, wait, we're not Catholic. Maybe we'll convert.

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Queen Mother said...

Lord love,em Their mothers are crazy