August 13, 2009

Bitsy on Gum & Bras

B.B. had his first piece of chewing gum about a month and a half ago. You'd have thought he'd won the lottery the way he was carrying on & telling everyone about his gum. He was so excited!

Bitsy immediately began demanding gum, too. I told her she had to wait until she was bigger remembering the time I called poison control because B.B. ate an entire pack of gum while I was in the bathroom. This conversation instigated another, on going conversation with Bitsy. It went something like this:

Bitsy- Dum, dum! (That's Bitsy for Gum)
Me- No, you're too little for gum, baby.
Bitsy- DUM! Me dum!
Me- You can have gum when you're big.
Bitsy- Me big, dum. Yeah.
Me- Yes. When you're big.

A few days after the first time (of many, many times) we had this conversation, she peed in her potty chair.

Me- Good job, Bitsy! You peed in the potty!! What a big girl you are!
Bitsy- Me big! Me dum!
Me- Um. Well.

Eventually I decided that with plenty of supervision, she could have a little piece of gum. I tore about 1/4 of a stick of gum off and gave it to her with a strict warning not to swallow it. She did surprisingly well for a 2 year old & has been chewing gum like a little pro ever since. A few pieces have been swallowed; a few have dropped out on the floor; a few have been strung out all over her in the van, but the vast majority of it has been well chewed then tossed in the trash.

Last week she developed an interest in my bras. I was folding laundry when she absconded with one. I chased her down & rescued my unmentionable much to her chagrin. She began screaming & crying, "Me bra! Me bra!" I said, "No, this is Mama's bra. They aren't for little girls," and I promptly forgot about it.

Monday night, after I put the 3 older FarmHands in bed, Bitsy & I were sitting in the living room watching TV. The shoulder strap of my tank top slipped to the side & she caught a glimpse of my bra strap. "Oh!! Mama bra! Mama bra!" she squealed while trying to yank my neck line down so she could get a better look.

I pulled her hand off my shirt & said, "Yes, that's Mama's bra. You let it be."
"Me bra! Me bra!"
"No. Mama's bra. You're too little. Bras are for big girls."
She considered this for a moment then announced, "Me big! Me dum! Me bra!" I tried to tell her that just because she's big enough to chew gum, that doesn't make her big enough to wear a bra, but she strongly disagrees.

Today in Wal-Mart we walked past the lingerie department & her big blue eyes lit up. "BRAS!! BRAS!!"

I am so not ready for this.


Vic said...

LOL! My girls got their first bras a few weeks ago. They rarely wear them.... they all wanna grow up so fast!

areyoukiddingme said...

Enjoy the enthusiasm for bras now, as it will probably be extinguished once she actually has to wear them!

Looks like you've got a smart one on your hands...

Staci said...

I love her logic!

My hubby, 5-yr-old son and I were at Kohls last week. My son was being very persistent about wanting to look at the toys. Hubby was looking at shirts, and son went walking off by his independent self. Son came back when I called him - but he was carrying a zebra print bra.

Now - my 3rd son is definitely a boob man (lets me know exactly what happens when I float on my back in the pool, can tell you exactly what happens up front when I've got my bra on v. when I don't...). He holds the bra up saying that it would be really pretty. Hubby was not really paying attention but looked up long enough to say under his breath (which doesn't come out as much under his breath as he thinks...) - Now, that's my kind of toy!

I'm sure you can imagine the conversation going on in the car when we left the store... I just looked out the window and let hubby deal with it.