August 18, 2009

I am pleased to report that my living room, bed room, and bath room carpets have all been shampooed, the house has been vacuumed, the blankets from the living room are all in the wash, most of the laundry is done & put away & things are progressing.

Of course, they won't progress much further unless I get my hiney back to work!


Gail said...

Is this is celebration of kids back in school?

Kork said...

I totally had to ground myself from the computer...ours takes FOREVER to boot up completely, so I shut it off altogether...I don't have the patience to wait 15 minutes for it to be ready for me to play, and I instead find myself doing all the things that are on my list...much like yours...only I still have SO MUCH more to do.


I'm proud that you got your rear into gear and got going on your list of things...keep it up, and hope you have a super visit w Princess and HT, and that the shower is a raging success on Saturday!!!