November 2, 2008 though I need a nudge in this direction.

There's this whole NaBloPoMo thing going on this month. For those of you not in the know, that stands for National Blog Posting Month. All you have to do is post for a month. They have their own web site & ev'r thin'. To be honest, I think NaBloPoMo is kind of pointless for me since I pretty much post daily if not multiple times a day, but hey, I'm game. Besides, Mrs.X thinks the world might cease to turn if I don't post. Secretly I agree with her.

I've been trying to sign up at NaBloPoMo, but so far, no luck. Oy. OK, never mind. I did it. Yeah me!

Either Bitsy is teething or she's becoming Darth Vader's Padawan learner. She's cranky & not sleeping & mad & not sleeping & drooly & not sleeping & yelling at everyone & have I mentioned she's not sleeping? It's loads of fun. Let me tell you.

Oh well. I'm off. Time for church. Have a rockin' Sunday, y'all!


Anonymous said...


Read you daily!! J/k.. I read you multiple times a day..(uh oh did that just come out?)

zann said...

I'm getting a jump on Ask Farm Wife it is only 5 hours till Monday so I hope you'll except it. But your post just there gave me a question.

We think K may be teething as well. She's been slobbery for a good two weeks, loves to chew on my arm, her hand, my finger, the cold teether..etc. and it's chewing not sucking. And up until today that's all it was, just slobber and chewing, but today good golly she's been fussy, and barely napping. She's only 3 mo. old though. Is it possible that she's teething? Can they do that this young? And if so what can I do about it, the oragel says not to use it until 4 mo? In desperation we gave her a tiny dose of infant tylenol, and she has at least stopped screaming now. Do you think we did the right thing?

Terri said...

good luck; I'm doing it too!