November 3, 2008

Ask FarmWife Day.

I'm still working on that button....rather unsuccessfully I might add. The tutorial Needlefinger's gave me the link to is super easy, but apparently I'm image retarded & cannot get the stoopid thing to work for me. Anyone want to offer their services?

I'm feeling rather embarrassed now. T Moss asked (last week) when to submit Ask FarmWife questions & I never answered. Sorry. Today's the day. Generally, Monday is ask FarmWife Day, but if you have a question mid-week, ask away & I'll try to work it in between dishes & diaper changes.

Zann got a jump start on Ask FarmWife Day when she asked: We think K may be teething as well. She's been slobbery for a good two weeks, loves to chew on my arm, her hand, my finger, the cold teether..etc. and it's chewing not sucking. And up until today that's all it was, just slobber and chewing, but today good golly she's been fussy, and barely napping. She's only 3 mo. old though. Is it possible that she's teething? Can they do that this young? And if so what can I do about it, the oragel says not to use it until 4 mo? In desperation we gave her a tiny dose of infant Tylenol, and she has at least stopped screaming now. Do you think we did the right thing?

First of all, yes, you did the right thing. If she's comfortable & you're getting the break you need, do not beat yourself up over a half a mil. of Tylenol.

Secondly, at three months you probably won't see a tooth erupt, but they may be budding under her gums. She may have one pop up soon, but it's not real common for them to erupt this young (that being said, there have been babies born with full sets of teeth in their mouths...keep that in mind, Inkling!). So yes, you can rack this all up to teething even if you don't see a tooth for 6 more months. It comes & goes.

Thirdly, other options if you don't want to go the Tylenol route: give K a cold wet rag to chew on. That will help ease the pain. Some folks put them in the freezer, but my kids never wanted frozen rags. Stock up on teething toys that are nubby (I love One Step Ahead). BabyGirl had a yellow star that was nubby, rubbery, and vibrated. She LOVED it. But she also cut one of her first teeth on a fake credit card. It looked just like a regular credit card, but was one of those things they send in the mail to try & reel you in. She'd chew on the numbers.

But I swear by Hyland's Teething Tablets. Husband's cousin gave me two of them one Sunday afternoon at their Grandma's house. B.B. was about 14 months old & would not stop crying. He wallowed all over me, screamed, cried, bit, fussed...he was horrible. It was VERY unlike him. Jules asked me if I'd ever used them & I said I'd never heard of them. She gave me two & said to just sneak them in his mouth. They dissolve instantly. 10 minutes later I had a different child. He was so happy & played the rest of the afternoon. They come 250 to a bottle, so we're only about 1/3 of the way through the bottle I bought for B.B. Bitsy's been getting them all weekend. She's having sympathy teething pain for K.

Good luck, Zann! I hope K gets back to her normal happy self very soon!

And at the risk of sharing Too Much Information, if you have not taken the Activia Challenge, do so immediately. Unless of course you are as regular as Old Faithfull naturally or are already doing Kefir shots every morning.

Now it's your turn. What do you want to know?


Mrs.X said...

What would you rather receive as a house-warming gift: handmade placemats with super kitschy fabric OR a beer cooler?

Inkling said...

Mrs. X, I'd love the placemats. Anyone wanna make me some? Please use washable fabric, because I'm a wee bit messy. =)

Farmie Dear, Oh Cousin O' Mine, here are my queries....

1. What brand of diapers do you swear by, and do you switch with varying stages and bottom shapes? (There's no way I'm doing cloth when it takes 180 minutes to dry a small load of regular clothing in this place. So give me a good landfill type to buy.)

2. Are Walmart teething rings filled with okay ingredients? I found a cute one at a little shop in STL for $10 that claims to be filled with purified water, made of BPA/PVC free plastic, and healthier than anything you can buy at a regular store. One of the parent reviewers said it's the only kind she will use because it doesn't make her kid smell like the chemicals inside. Is this really an issue? Are we really letting our kids chew on chemicals if we go with the cheaper Walmart variety?

3. Can you freeze cream/milk-based soups like corn chowder and potato soup? I have a load of corn and potatoes to use up and was hoping to stock up my freezer for the winter with yummy soups.

4. Could you possibly justify spending nearly $100 on a bag that can do double duty as a diaper bag and a purse, and one that is sturdy enough to last for several children and several years? Just so you know, it's basic black, so it will coordinate beautifully with every outfit. If so, how? Seriously. I really want to know.

5. What one baby item that isn't cheap would you forgo if you did this new mothering thing over again? What did you find to be not as handy as you'd hoped?

p.s. If I give birth to a child full of teeth already erupted, I'm sending him to you to nurse. =) I got my first teeth at 4 months, so tell Zann that it really is possible to have an early teether. Let's just hope she doesn't need braces when she's nine. =)

Inkling said...

By the way, do I have to start paying you since I always ask too many questions? Is this a free service, or are you going to charge per query?

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

I can help you with the button. Just email me. :)

T Moss said...

I am interested in purchasing some type of electonic thing like a MP3 player, Ipod, etc, but I know absolutely nothing about them. I would like to download music, I'm not really interested in playing videso, etc. What do you recommend. Thanks.