October 2, 2008

A visit from the royal family

Apparently I cannot give my kids Golden Crisp anymore. The Today show is telling me it's almost 50% sugar. Cripes. (Yes, I use the word "cripes" in my everyday speech.)

QM & Daddy came to visit for a few hours yesterday. Bitsy sucked up wonderfully to her Pa. She gave him kisses & demanded he hold her every time he moved. Incidentally, she never gives kisses anymore. B.B. pounded his Pa into the carpet during "beating time" leaving me to wonder if maybe Pa isn't getting too old to "beat" with his grand babies...shhh, don't tell him I said that. I think the issues isn't so much Pa's age as it is B.B.'s obsession with the UFC & his desire to actually punch people during "beating time."

Grammy was whisked off to B.B.'s room to see everything he owns while Bitsy climbed all over her & Oooo'd. Eventually Grammy was able to escape to the living room to visit while B.B. chattered incessantly, "Gwammy, we can do dis in da game."

Eventually, Pa decided to empty the half ton on change he had jingling in his pocket, so B.B. brought out everyone's bank, lined them up in the living room floor, and deposited "lots & lots of monies!" Bitsy sat in the floor by her bank & talked to her quarters happily for about 10 minutes before dropping then in the slot.

They had to hit the road before BabyGirl & #1 Son got home from school, but they'll be back this way Saturday.


Anonymous said...

oh I love it when qm and pa visits...wish i was there..I'm glad the kids had a good time..

enjoy your visit saturday?

Kork said...

How fun! Wish our other grandparents were closer so they could drop by for special time like my folks get!

Enjoy them this weekend, and hopefully B.B. will not beat his poor ol' Pa to death!