October 25, 2008

Because I am a big idjot....

I have no pictures of my daughter cheering at the basketball game last night.

I bought new batteries for the digital camera. I changed out the batteries & charged the camera. I took pictures of her dressed & ready to go....then I left the camera on the charger when we left for the game. I feel like a dolt.

But she loved it! Husband took the night off work to go to her game. Uncle Gick & Unkie Di came even though I forgot to tell them about it until about an hour before the game. Uncle E & Aunt C came (of course their son J was playing) as well as Aunt CB, her girls, and Great-Grandma in Country who lives with them. The cheer leaders had their own cheering section.

They were so cute. There were a few cheers they knew very well, but for the most part they were overwhelmed by all the action & the crowd & the players running up & down the court. Incidentally, the students beat the teachers 42 to 41. And they played hard to get their points...even though Husband thinks the teachers took it easy on them.

I'm off to enjoy my weekend! I hope you all do the same.

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Gail said...

I am glad I am not the only forgetful one in the group. Sounds like it was a great success. At least you got pictures before she left.