October 6, 2008

Ask FarmWife: The Return

Ah, yes. It's Baaaack! Ask FarmWife. Once again, I'm opening up the comment box to all your pending, overwhelming questions. If you're unfamiliar with Ask FarmWife Day, click on the label at the bottom of the post & check out what's happened in the past.

In the mean time, Zann asked how long you're supposed to use Sensitive Baby Wipes on your little ones.

I only used the sensitive wipes if someone gave them to us or baby had a BAD case of diaper rash. Otherwise, I stuck with the regular wipes. I figured, they're all made for sensitive skin (what baby has a back side covered in leathery, thick skin), so why cough up the extra bucks?

And finally, FarmWife has a few questions of her own:

Ivory used to have a commercial (that's been stuck in my head all weekend) that claimed Ivory soap was 99.44% pure. My question: Pure what?

And why do they call it canning when you're putting all your produce in glass jars, not cans?

And how hard is it to understand an add in the paper that reads: Great Dane puppies $300 CASH ONLY? What part of that says, "Call me & ask if I'll take less or a boxer pup in trade"? Oy.


Anonymous said...

1) In this tuff economic state, do you stick with your usual name brand foods, or do you venture into unchartered, unheard of brands to save a few pennies?

2) Have you made a decision on what to do with your current hairstyle, you had posted earlier about some thoughts?

Grace said...

Would you take a check for $150 and a big, furry brown thing that is shedding so bad that I fill up my vacuum tank every single day after vacuuming only half the house?

zann said...

Thank you dear Farmwife (and Grace) for clearing that up for me. The Ped. actually told me to use sensitive wipes to begin with...he just didn't tell me when I could stop. And I freaked myself out because the one time I tried a regular wipe on her, she got a rash (which ended up being a yeast infection and had nothing to do with the wipe, but still freaked me out)