September 1, 2008

Impromptu Cook-Out

My husband is the king of last minute plans. He doesn't do so well with "Hey, let's have a party in two weeks." He's more of the "Hey, lets call everyone & have a cook out in 3 hours." That's how yesterday went. Luckily I was mildly prepared.

Friday at the grocery he picked up a bag of charcoal, pork chops, steaks, and pork burgers. I asked if we were having a cook-out or just cooking out. He said, "Nah, just cooking out. Just us." Yesterday after church he changed his mind.

I'd made potato salad the day before and had enough corn in the garden to share. I threw together a fluffy fruit pie, fruit tea, kool-aid, & sweet tea, then grabbed the boys & Bitsy & headed to town. We came back armed with a new kickball, plates, cups, napkins, plastic flatware, more burgers, and all the fixin's.

Husband & BabyGirl got out all my patio furniture (it's not been out all summer), washed everything down, heated up the grill, started a camp fire, and mowed the field.

Big BIL and his three kids, Little BIL, Busha, Bucka, and Uncle Gick & Unkie Di all came to eat. We had a good time. Good food. Lots of laughter. Kids playing. A wonderful way to end the summer.

Saturday Busha and Bucka had a scare with Penny Saturday. Tiny dogs have a habit of becoming hypoglycemic. Penny's sugar dropped & she got very ill. At 3/4 of a pound, she can get very ill, very quickly. After loosing Mitzi just a few months ago, Busha is very wary about her new babies. She gave Penny the honey the vet told her to give and kept a very close eye on the pup. Eventually Penny came around & was her "old" self again. The incident wore Busha out. Well, between that incident & trying to house break two puppies so tiny they can get lost in an empty room, she was exhausted.

When I called yesterday to see if they wanted to come over to eat, Busha was hesitant. I told her I'd understand if they didn't want to come. In the end, they decided to come & I'm glad they did. As they were leaving Busha said, "Thank you for inviting us. We had a wonderful time & it was very relaxing!" I said, "Yeah, it's nice to not have to chase two puppies to their puppy pads constantly...or have to clean pee off the floor repeatedly!" Busha agreed & I said, "I know it's important for new parents to get out of the house every now & then." Busha cackled in the way only she can! :) Then I said, "And just think, you didn't even have to hire a baby sitter. You can just put yours in their kennel!"
The picture is Bucka holding Pete & Penny the day they went to pick them out. They're a bit bigger now, but not much.


Kork said...

How fun! We spent the weekend installing BB's latest purchase (see my post later today for the whole story), and then had the folks over for a very simple BBQ last night...and today it is barely supposed to be 70...guess fall is in the air after all!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Sometimes the best parties are the impromptu ones.