September 30, 2008

Bitsy, our Fashionista

Do you remember when I was all weepy over my oldest daughter's lack of fashion love? I was upset because SPD could very well keep her from developing a love of clothing & prevent the clothes horse that lurks just under the skin of my sister & myself. Well, Bitsy has decided to channel all that love of fabric into her tiny body.

This child loves clothing. All 15 months of her (yes, Grace, I finally figured out how old my baby is!) lives for clothes. She has brought me items of clothing belonging to most members of the family to put on her little body. Lately it's not unusual to see her sporting her brother's t-shirt over top of her blanket weight sleeper. Currently she's wearing a skort and a bandanna on her head. I've put her sleeper on her three times this morning, her shirt twice, and her skirt twice. She likes to get dressed, run around the living room, strip down, run around the living room, then start all over again. If she's this bad now, what will she be like at 16? Guess I'm getting what I wished for!

Really, I'm not complaining. At least now all those cute outfits her sister never put on will get some use. Possibly LOTS of use.

She's an odd duck, this one. She just stole my mouse pad, put it on the rug, and laid down on it. Now she's hugging the mouse pad. And two minutes later she's trying to climb up to sit on the window ledge. Forget the window. Now she's pacing up & down the fire place hearth singing "Oooooo" to her feet. And now she's patting the back window & hiccuping at the sheep. Now hiding behind the rocking chair with her blocks. At least she keeps herself entertained.

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