August 4, 2008


It has begun. Undoubtedly the busiest week of our summer. Vacation Bible School. Yesterday started early. I woke up just before 7 &:
  • did dishes
  • put away the stacks of clean dishes in the kitchen
  • unthawed a ham & tossed it in the crock-pot
  • got myself & all 4 kids ready for church
  • went to Sunday school (on time this week)
  • came home after services & made baked potatoes & corn on the hob (as B.B. calls it) for lunch
  • went back to church for VBS kick off
  • came home to find Lexi riding her horses with her friend towards our house
  • watched the kids take horse rides around the yard
  • fed everyone again
  • loaded the family up to head to town
  • went to a swim party sponsored by the bank where the kids have their savings accounts
  • swam & swam & swam
  • went down the water slide 3 times
  • went to McDonald's for Happy Meals
  • came home
  • showered all 4 kids
  • bed time story & in bed
  • folded 3 loads of towels & one of sheets
  • picked up Bitsy's toys scattered through the house
  • collected all the dirty laundry to wash today
  • watched Penelope with Husband
  • tried to go to bed but ended up watching half of Rush Hour 3 on my Zune while trying to nurse Bitsy back to sleep

Today I've:

  • sorted & started washing laundry
  • fixed B.B.'s breakfast
  • packed Bitsy's bag for her week's stay at Busha's (not the entire week, just while we're at VBS every evening)
  • cleaned out Lilly May's kennel (note to self: if your dog is crying in the night & you do not hear the thunder, there may be another she's sick & will poo/vomit in her kennel)
  • bathed Lilly May (with all the puking & pooping I thought it was a good idea)
  • washed Lilly & Andrew's bedding from their kennels

and I'm about to start folding towels. I'm tired already. I still have to:

  • clean up the kitchen
  • wash, fold, & put away 3 more loads of clothing
  • clean up the kitchen (with no one home yesterday, I'm not sure how it got so messy)
  • make lunch
  • study my lesson for tonight
  • try not to lose my mind

So, if you don't hear much from me this week, do not worry. By the time VBS is over I'll be beat. I've never taught 3rd & 4th grade before, so this will be a new experience. I hope I get through it without scarring small children for life. As of last night I had no kids in my class (weird) but one registered for tonight. Normally there are about 15-20 kids in this age group. Maybe they all heard I was teaching......

Oh, and there's something wonderful going on over at the Hot Mama Revolution Headquarters. Check it out!


Brando said...

I am tired just reading it all!!

Sarah said...

I don't know how you manage all this. Your last post really hit a chord with me. I realised only tonight that I have problems at the moment that I have to deal with as an adult. And up to now, well even now, I still feel like a child who wants their mum to sort everything out. Its really odd when you realise that you have to sort /cope with stuff yourself and not burden other people.My thoughts are with you. Sarah x

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Yeah! So glad one of my favorite Hot Mama's is joining in the shopping spree fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

Anita said...


Check it out!