August 11, 2008

Wrapping up our summer vacation.

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I think the Good Lord has given us a bit of a break. With the long, hot, difficult summer nearly behind us, we've been blessed by a beautiful weekend. The weather never got truly hot & it's not supposed to for the next few days. The FarmHands played outdoors most of the weekend. Husband mowed down the field and moved the electric fence. If you've ever been to our house, that means our yard now starts at the road & reaches to the back cow pen & all the way to the creek on the East side. It's HUGE!! My guess is our yard is now pushing 2 acres. All I can say is I'm glad I don't mow. It's not in my contract.

I've taken two long rides on the 4 wheeler all by myself this weekend. Now I understand why he's forever taking off on that thing to "go 'round the block." Country blocks are big things.....easily more than 6 miles all the way around. Just tooling along in the open air, early in the evening....I could do it everyday.

When I got home from my little trip last night, he had mowed a softball diamond in the side yard for the FarmHands. We played baseball (sort of) and kick ball all evening. They had a wonderful time....until BabyGirl & B.B. started arguing over who's turn it was.

School starts Thursday. Our summer is going out with watermelon, sweet corn, puppies, a trip to the newly improved local playground, and lots of time spent covered in dirt rolling through the grass. I may even miss it.

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