August 14, 2008


It's that time of year again. BabyGirl & #1 Son are off to their first full day of school in the morning. Today was visit day for #1 Son & a 2 hour day for BabyGirl. It started off rough, but all was well by the time we got to the school.

Tomorrow I'll take them to school, drop them off, and head to the grocery with Bitsy. The days of rushing home to pick up #1 Son are over. The days of deciding whether or not to pack all 4 kids to town or not are over.

But the days of dragging myself & 2 kids out of bed at 6 am are back. Yippee. Guess we have to take the good with the bad.

Yesterday #1 Son & I got to go pick up our new glasses. We go to the eye doctor's in the town where Husband & I lived when we were first married. After getting the glasses, a quick trip to Dollar General, and a stop at Rural King I took the FarmHands to the playground. They have a very large, fairly new playground at the park. The kids were over the moon. One last hurrah before school.....and can I just say, my son is absolutely darling in his new specs? Too cute for words!

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